Drafting Assistant

Streamline the drafting process with comprehensive tools and information

Create an efficient legal drafting workspace

Take the risk of repurposing precedent documents. Drafting tools

give you an ideal starting point in the legal drafting process.

Find on-point case law faster in your legal research
Quickly get up to speed on a issue for you legal research
Better organized content for your legal research

Create a table of
authorities quickly
and easily 

Maintain and update
the good-law status
within your document 
on a legal issue

Run a WestlawNext Canada
search right from
your document

Create a table of authorities quickly and easily

With Drafting Assistant, it's never been easier to build a Table of Authorities with your facta, motions or memos. 

Run WestlawNext Canada searches from your document

Maintain your drafting rhythm by moving easily from your document to research on WestlawNext Canada, importing supporting content directly into your draft.

Time saved with Drafting Assistant

According to a Thomson Reuters study including more than 60 lawyers.

Task Without Drafting Assistant With Drafting Assistant Time Saved
Building a Table of Authorities 177 minutes 43 minutes 76%
Checking citations with KeyCite 61 minutes 23 minutes 62%
Locating and checking the status of "good law cited" cases while drafting 82 minutes 43 minutes 48%
Time spent drafting a typical document (i.e. factum, pleading, motion) 156 minutes 88 minutes 44%

Lawyers agree, Drafting Assistant helps them create accurate documents:

Drafting Assistant 90%

"Referring to documents and research in Drafting Assistant results in fewer citation and copy errors."

Download the Drafting Assistant brochure.

Download the Drafting Assistant brochure.