WestlawNext Canada Customer Newsletter - June 2018

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Drafting Assistant Enhancements

Practical Law integration with WestlawNext Canada


Drafting Assistant Enhancements

There are several enhancements to Drafting Assistant affecting the TOA Builder tool. Details are below. These features are available to all WestlawNext Canada subscribers via Drafting Assistant.

To download the latest version of Drafting Assistant, visit:

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Flags and Links: Mismatched Title Flag

A new feature will be added to the Drafting Assistant – Flags & Links function. The new Red M “Mismatched Title” flag indicates when there is a discrepancy between the title of the case in your document and the corresponding title for the citation on WestlawNext Canada.

This new flag will let you know there is potentially an error in either the name you have assigned to the case in your document, or the citation provided.

Red M Flag

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TOA Enhancements

The TOA Builder tool on Drafting Assistant allows you to easily build a properly formatted list of references (known as a Table of Authorities, or TOA) in your legal document. With these new functions, the TOA builder tool is significantly enhanced to allow users a greater ability to craft and edit their TOA.

These enhancements include:
Page Header – Allowing for inclusion of “pages” header in the TOA.
Cite Identification Range – Provides the option to analyze the entire document or selected sections for cite identification.
B. EDITING ENHANCEMENTS: Providing the ability to:
• edit the text of citations;
• move citations up or down the list changing the citation order;
• change primary/secondary citations;
• edit range of citations; and
• manually add citations.
Strikethrough: Visibly shows “stike-through” of deleted citations that will not form part of the TOA
Edit and Add Additional Citations after the TOA has been created: Allows you to “pick up where you left off” with saved changes


(1) Pages Header
This feature provides the option to include a “Pages” header above the page number column in your TOA.


This option can be turned on or off in the Profile settings in TOA Builder. Select either “View” or “Create New” to access Profile settings.

View Create New

Select the “Add Page(s) label above page numbers” to turn this function on or off.

Add Page(s)

(2) Cite Identification Range:
This feature allows you to choose which sections of a document to analyze. Using the “Cite Identification Range” function, you can elect to search the entire document for cite identification or set a start and end point in the document for cite identification analysis. Select “Search entire document for cite identification” to search the entire document. Select “Mark beginning and end range for cite identification” to restrict the search to only part of the document. Place the cursor in the document at the start of the desired range and select “set start position” button. Place the cursor at the end of the desired range and select the “set end position” button.

Cite Identification Range


TOA Toolbar
With this enhancement, when selecting a citation on the list, a toolbar will appear underneath the citation providing users enhanced ability to craft and edit the TOA entry.

TOA Toolbar

This toolbar will contain four new functions:

1. Edit Citation – Provides the ability to edit a TOA entry within TOA Builder.
Select the Edit citation (Edit Citation) button on the TOA Toolbar.

Edit Citation

Edit the TOA title or reporter string as appropriate. Confirm the citation is correct in the “Preview” and select “Save”.


2. Move Citation up or down - Using the up and down arrows (Move Up or Down) move a citation up or down the list thus changing the order of citations as they will appear in the TOA.

Move Up or Down

3. Change Primary/Secondary Citation – Where there are multiple instances of a citation within the analyzed document, users can now select which instance of the citation to designate as the “primary” citation and which instances of the citation to designate as “secondary” citations.
To utilize this feature, select the instance of the TOA entry that you want to edit.

Change Primary/Secondary Citation

Using the Make Primary/Secondary button (Primary/Secondary button ), designate an instance of the citation as either primary or secondary.

Primary/Secondary button

The primary citation will be shown as the citation on the TOA. Secondary citations will be connected to that primary citation with a page reference.

primary citation

4. Edit Citation Range – This feature allows users to edit TOA entries using the edit range feature.
You can edit either the “Title” or “Reporter” section of a TOA entry to include or cut any missed or unnecessary text. Do so by selecting any the “edit range” icon Edit Citation Range .

Edit Citation Range

Select to change the “Title” or “Reporter” section of the citation as appropriate. Highlight the desired text in the document to be included, confirm its correctness in “Preview” and then select “Update”. Click “Save” to complete.

change the “Title” or “Reporter”

C. Other Enhancements:

(1) Manually Add Citations
This feature allows you to manually add citations to the TOA.
To do so, select the “Manually Add Citation plus +” button from the TOA Builder. Then complete the following:

Manually Add Citation plus + button

Choose Category: Select the type of TOA entry based on Citation Category.

Choose Category

Input Citation Text: Input the text of your citation.

Input Citation Text

Preview: Confirm the citation is correct in the “preview” window.


Add Citation: Highlight the full citation in the document and then select “Add” to complete. The citation will be added to the list and will be placed in the finalized TOA.
Note: You can also highlight the citation in your document before selecting the “Plus” icon. Appropriate fields will be auto-populated based on your highlights and you can edit as appropriate.
Note: After you add a manual citation to the list, the list will re-alphabetize itself. Be sure to add all necessary manual citations before you manually move citations to desired locations.

Add Citation

(2) Strikethrough:
Where you opt to remove an entry from your completed TOA, a “strike-through” will visibly show the deletion. This entry will not form part of the completed TOA.


Saved Changes/Editing Citations and Adding Additional Citations After the TOA Has Been Created:
With this new enhancement, TOA Builder provides the ability to pick up where you left off. If you save and close a document during the TOA Builder process, you can re-open that document and Drafting Assistant will recover previous TOA Builder data. You can continue to work on your existing TOA entries in your document, as well as scan for now ones that may have been added to an existing document.
To maintain all edits to the TOA previously made, select “Continue editing existing TOA”. To start from scratch with the TOA, select “Remove existing TOA Tags and start again”.

Saved Changes/Editing Citationsand Adding Additional Citations

If you selected to keep the previous TOA, new or edited citations will appear with a New icon next to them in the list. Drafting Assistant classifies new citations as:
• Citations that you added to the text after the first TOA was completed.
• Citations that you edited after the first TOA was completed.
• Citations that were removed from the TOA the first time. If you deselected a citation previously, it will reappear in the list and be selected by default.

Manipulate the list of citations as described above as necessary and select “Insert TOA” to begin the process of inserting the TOA in your document once more.
Note: After you run the TOA Builder again or insert a manual citation, the citation list will re-alphabetize itself. Ensure the citations are in the correct order before you insert the TOA into your document.

Technical Support
If you have technical questions about Thomson Reuters Drafting Assistant, call Technical Support at 1-800-387-5164, option 2, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 9:00 pm eastern time. We offer 24/7 support for OnePass. You can email us at TechSupport.LegalTaxCanada@tr.com

Research Support
We offer complimentary assistance for your legal research questions with our team of premier Research Support professionals. Help is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET except holidays. Call Research Support at 1-800-387-5164, option 3 or email ResearchSupport.LegalTaxCanada@tr.com .

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Practical Law integration with WestlawNext Canada

In the near future, WestlawNext Canada searches will display Practical Law content. This product integration improves the legal research experience by creating a one-stop source for legal content awareness and access.
WestlawNext Canada customers will also soon see Practical Law documents in case law citing reference lists and as part of the Browse Legal Topics feature.

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