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As vital legal resources to your firm, Secondary Sources are essential for providing guidance and analysis in every area of the law.

Secondary Sources allow you to:

Secure a strong starting point

If you are unfamiliar with a topic or an area of law, Secondary Sources can quickly reveal major concepts, commonly used terms, and procedures used by expert

Find leading case law

These materials help you to find citations to important case law and statutory authority, as well as citations for other related materials.

Use as persuasive authority

Some Secondary Sources on WestlawNext Canada are so widely respected that they can be cited as persuasive authority in arguments to the court.

ProView Federated Search is now on WestlawNext Canada

The new federated search feature incorporating nearly 300 eLooseleafs on ProView allows you to find authoritative answers more quickly and efficiently.

  • ProView federated search allows you to search content on WestlawNext Canada together with supplemented eLooseleaf titles on ProView – all from within WestlawNext Canada.
  • Find answers faster by searching multiple resources on WestlawNext Canada and the ProView platform simultaneously
  • Discover relevant commentary on the ProView platform that you might otherwise overlook in your research

One search. Complete research confidence.

Search with eLooseleafs on ProView incorporated into the federated search. This sample search displayed an additional 33 analytical titles that could offer guidance to your situation.

The range of topics and issues covered far exceeds anything that has ever been available.

You now have the power of the Thomson Reuters looseleaf catalogue open to you with a single search.

Search 35 unique practice areas.

In 35 unique practice areas, our expert authors – leading Canadian practitioners, judges and academics − and key titles including Peter Hogg’s Constitutional Law of Canada help you put the law in context and apply it in the daily flow of your research.

Missing some ProView titles?

Missing some ProView titles?
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Thomson Reuters authors are experts in every area of the law

Leverage the topical expertise from experts, including practitioners, law professors, and judges who know and shape the law. With legal experts on your side, you'll have confidence you have the best answer.

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Canada’s most advanced legal search engine incorporates 150 years of proprietary analysis of the law with cutting-edge search technology to deliver the best results, faster and with more confidence than ever before.

Thomson Reuters expands on a tradition of excellence in delivering trusted answers to the bench and bar. WestlawNext Canada continually reinvests in the ongoing development of authoritative legal content and innovative tools to provide you with total support.

It's our process that sets us apart to publish the law faster and with more accuracy. We work closely with the profession's most respected authors, courts, and legislatures through refined processes to bring you the best with WestlawNext Canada.

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