Designed to meet the specific requirements of criminal law practitioners, CriminalSource provides exclusive access to a vast collection of case law. The case law collection includes all cases from Carswell’s Criminal Reports, Motor Vehicle Reports and Immigration Reports law report series and the full text of all the cases reported in the Canadian Criminal Cases law report series. Topical areas include constitutional, evidence and immigration cases as well as criminal law cases. Shortcuts to exclusive annotations of the Criminal Code and related Criminal Statutes and leading commentary from Canada’s judiciary, counsel and academics are available right from the CriminalSource home page. CriminalSource also features all criminal and criminal-related legislation and regulations relevant to the practice of criminal law.

Sources of annotations include:

Annotated Works and Procedural Guides
  • Tremeear’s Annotated Criminal Code
  • Tremeear’s Related Criminal Statutes
  • Cournoyer & Ouimet’s Code criminal annoté
  • Crankshaw’s Criminal Code of Canada
  • Nadin-Davis Canadian Sentencing Digest

Sentencing Quantums
  • Nadin-Davis Canadian Sentencing Digest contains virtually all sentencing cases dating from 1970 onward – searchable by section, issue and offence.

Analytical Works and Practice Guides
  • Gibson, Canadian Criminal Code Offences - acclaimed practice manual for Crown counsel, defence counsel, judges. Brings together in one place essential information about the most commonly charged Criminal Code offences.
  • Gibson, Criminal Law Evidence, Practice and Procedure - guidance to over 60 evidentiary, procedural and practice topics that arise in criminal law practice.
  • Segal, Disclosure and Production in Criminal Cases - Authoritative commentary from Murray Segal, the former Deputy Attorney General for Ontario, on the requirements imposed on the Crown, police and defence counsel to disclose the contents of their investigation file and to produce documents prior to a criminal trial.
  • Watt's Manual of Criminal Evidence. Authored by Ontario Court of Appeal Justice David Watt. Presents the principles of evidence, topically organized, as a set of evidentiary rules.
  • Annual Review of Criminal Law is an annual publication recapping the most significant case law and statutory changes from the preceding year.

Newsletters and other current awareness:

Stay Current on the Most Recent Developments and Consult with Pre-eminent Authorities in the Field
Seven current awareness newsletters that keep practitioners informed on criminal law developments.

The Police Powers Newsletter

Monthly newsletter, authored by Justice Michelle Fuerst, former Crown Attorney Michal Fairburn and Defence Attorney Scott Fenton. Provides a comprehensive look at all aspects of policing.
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Mack’s Criminal Law Bulletin

Bi-monthly newsletter authored by Assistant Crown Attorney Dallas Mack. Offers commentary on current issues in the criminal law.  
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For the Defence

A critical current awareness publication for the busy criminal lawyer, with articles authored by criminal law experts. A strong voice for everyone concerned with the quality of criminal justice.
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Watt's Criminal Law Evidence Newsletter

Bi-weekly newsletter authored by the Honourable Mr. Justice David Watt. Provides valuable insights into criminal law and evidence, including summaries and comments on case law, key statutory developments, and commentary on current issues of interest to criminal law practitioners.
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Law Report Articles from Carswell's Criminal Reports and Motor Vehicle Reports


Journal articles from Carswell's Canadian Criminal Law Review and the National Journal of Constitutional Law

The Neuberger Rose Criminal Law Advisor

Monthly newsletter that provides case summaries and notes of the most recent trial and appellate decisions which are of particular interest to the Canadian Defense Bar.
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Segal’s Motor Vehicle and Impaired Driving Newsletter

By former Deputy Attorney General for Ontario, Murray Segal, this bi-weekly newsletter discusses relevant and current motor vehicle and impaired driving cases across Canada.
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Cournoyer-Ouimet en Bref

Le bulletin Cournoyer-Ouimet en bref vous tient au courant, chaque mois, des développements jurisprudentiels récents. Vous y trouverez des résumés de l’honorable Guy Cournoyer, juge à la Cour supérieure du Québec et de Me Gilles Ouimet. Le bulletin mettra aussi à votre disposition les références d’ouvrages de doctrine pertinents ainsi qu’une section vous informant des modifications législatives majeures en droit criminel et pénal. 

The newsletter provides monthly updates on the most recent developments in case law, as summarized for you by the Honourable Guy Cournoyer, Superior Court of Quebec judge and by Me Gilles Ouimet. The newsletter will also provide you with access to references to relevant doctrine and a section informing you of essential legislative changes in criminal and penal matters.