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Litigator on WestlawNext Canada is a revolutionary workflow solution containing Canada’s largest collection of online Court Documents. It combines litigation-focused research with practice tools to support your strategic decisions and automate your most tedious tasks.

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Court Documents - Pleadings, Motions and Facta

More than 140,000 superbly organized actual court documents save you endless hours of tedious work digging for information – letting you present a polished case with much less effort.

Evaluate Instantly What a Claim is Worth

Quantums zero in on the relevant information with results structured so you can confidently answer the critical question: How much is this claim worth?

Find the Right Witness that will Help Win Your Case

Expert Directory lets you search a database of Canadian and U.S. expert witness’ profiles by area of expertise. Profiles provide critical information such as the expert’s credentials, fee structures, details about their experiences, as well as links to cases in which the expert has testified.

Legal Memoranda

Current, clear and concise, every memorandum cuts straight to the heart of a legal issue. LEARN MOREright arrow

Get the full analysis of the following legal issue
When an action is brought under the Family Law Act based on a fatality, does the common law discoverability rule apply, or only the Trustee Act limitation?
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Kim Orr Class Action Monitor

Get insightful analysis of the latest class actions, as well as case updates, news and special-focus articles.

Global class action launched against Facebook for alleged privacy violations
An Austrian law student named Max Schrems has brought a class proceeding claim in Austria against Facebook. 
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