Legal Wit - Believe in Me!

Legal Wit - Believe in Me!
Creditors have better memories than debtors.
Benjamin Franklin, circa 1758

The plaintiff and defendant were in a relationship in November of 2007. The precise dimensions of the relationship are not in evidence but suffice it to say they were close enough that he was comfortable asking her for money and closing out with: "Please give me the opportunity to show you I can do this! I need you to believe in me! Just give me this chance to prove myself, please!"

The crux of the defence filed by the defendant is that the claim is unenforceable due to the passage of the two-year limitation period provided in the Act. Apparently, the defendant no longer needs the plaintiff to believe in him.

Schmidt v. Holloway |
2015 CarswellSask 15 |
Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench
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