Client Documents: Is Your Firm’s Storage in Line with Law Society Expectations?

Client Documents: Is Your Firm’s Storage in Line with Law Society Expectations?

Client Documents: Is Your Firm’s Storage in Line with Law Society Expectations?

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Technology is changing the way we think, operate, compete and work. It has the ability to enhance our own capabilities and better our services for clients. Firm Central is a tool that helps ensure you’re organized and always providing clients with the best services.

Law societies have high expectations when it comes to how lawyers manage, access and store files online. Firm Central – designed specifically for small law firms – allows you to organize matter documents, communications, legal research, calendars and contacts in one place.

Below are some practical considerations of how to stay on the right side of Law Society requirements:

Duty to keep online storage of client documents secure

The rules and codes of professional conduct state that confidentiality and protection of client files are priority. Thomson Reuters provides online security that is specific to the needs of the Canadian legal market. We use the same encryption and transport standards that are employed by banks, brokerages and other security-sensitive businesses for all internet transactions. Our goal is to protect client data against potential threats and keep it backed up redundant servers.

Duty to keep services affordable

Lawyers are obligated to provide cost-effective service to their clients. Adapting to and using technology is a proficient way to make that happen. Firm central offers firms the tools to keep costs low, while keeping quality high. The matter management system integrates key elements of a legal practice into a single product, allowing lawyers to maximize practice efficiency and stay competitive with other firms.

Be conscientious about server location

Law societies place responsibility on lawyers to know exactly how online client data is stored and maintained. They do not however have a particular stance on the location of storage servers. Online practice management services typically rent server space from third party “public” cloud sites. This can make it difficult to know where exactly client files are stored, held and maintained. Thomson Reuters gives you security in knowing that client data is held on our private servers – which were exclusively designed around the security needs of lawyers.

Maintain off-site storage of client documents

Law societies are increasingly urging lawyers to be extra cautious and have files backed up and off-site. Cloud computing gives lawyers an opportunity to store and preserve files off-site and comply with law society obligations. Firm Central makes storing data in the cloud safe, efficient and easy – providing lawyers with confidence and security.

Duty to produce documents on demand

Lawyers are obligated to produce files quickly and on-demand. They are, at the same time, also obligated to keep files for decades. Lawyers can spend hours or days searching through old paper files to find what they’re after. With Firm Central all of your files will be archived and easily searchable, saving you time and frustration.

For a deeper understanding of the rules and codes of professional conduct that law societies hold you to and how Firm Central can help, read the full white paper Practice Rules and Guidelines Governing the Online Storage of Client Documents.
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