Legal Wit — Designer Criminals

Legal Wit — Designer Criminals

[A friend] and [the defendant] and a few of their friends were often to be found in some of Toronto's most posh neighbourhoods. They had a taste for the finer things in life: expensive electronics, fancy jewellery and high-end, late-model European cars ranked high on their "must-have" lists. Auto manufacturers in Stuttgart and Munich would be flattered to know that their marques were particularly favoured by [the defendant], [his friend] and their cronies, although if one owned a Bentley the group would not turn their noses up at that. There were a few problems with this designer lifestyle, however, mostly relating to the fact that the houses they frequented were not their houses and they were not guests (indeed they went to great lengths to make sure that their "hosts" would not be at home) and that the bling, tech and six-figure motor-cars they left with were not theirs either. Rather, their little cadre of bandits was in the business of breaking into homes where high-value items were likely to be found, and making off with small items of significant value including the keys or fobs needed to use their victims' vehicles as both their get-away cars and their stock in trade.

R. v. Buczel |

2015 CarswellOnt 10595 |

Ontario Court of Justice

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