Legal Wit — My object all sublime

Legal Wit — My object all sublime

I believe that my conclusion reflects the objectives or the contemporary arbitral jurisprudence. [Counsel for the union and the greivor], in his argument, referred to a passage from King Lear by William Shakespeare, Act 2, Scene IV, where the tormented Lear says: 

        "Whereto our health is bound; we are not ourselves".

 That statement shows considerable insight into the actions of individuals when their health deteriorates.

I conclude, by saying that I also agree with the views and objectives of Gilbert & Sullivan's, Mikado, who said: 

        "My object all sublime - I shall achieve in time - to let the punishment fit the crime".

I shall stay seized of jurisdiction in this matter for the purpose of interpreting or applying the provisions of this award.

1988 CarswellMan 549

Manitoba Telephone System and IBEW, Local 435, Re

Manitoba Arbitration

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