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News and Views — New Content Types Now Included in the Index to Canadian Legal Literature

New formats added to the Index to Canadian Legal Literature

The fans of ICLL might have noticed new additions to the Index of late: podcasts.  In the quest to make the ICLL as exhaustive as possible, we came to the conclusion that interesting and pertinent legal articles come in many shapes and forms.  Habitual users will have noticed that we started indexing electronic newsletters from the Ontario Bar Association and the Canadian Bar Association in 2009.

Universities and law societies disseminate legal information in podcasts made available from their websites.  This medium is a cheap and effective way for these institutions to issue current legal information on different topics.  The decision was made for these to be added to the Index on a selective basis.  Like any addition to the ICLL, a rigorous editorial evaluation is conducted prior to the inclusion of the material to the Index.

This new format starting being added to the Index in 2014 and there are more to come in the future.  Another format that will make its way in the pages of the ICLL will be YouTube videos of authors and presenters offering presentations on legal matters.  

Editorially, the same indexing rules and controlled vocabulary will be applied to these new formats as to articles from a printed periodical.  This means that the subject headings used are the same as for printed articles and books, which allows for easier access and retrieval.

Another exciting addition to the Index is the presence of records for individual articles from Continuing Legal Education packets.  Many users had suggested that indexing individual articles would be useful. ICLL has always indexed packets from legal education seminars and conferences at the bibliographical level whereas, as of 2015, we are indexing each article contained in those packets.  

Look for these exciting developments in the Index to Canadian Legal Literature!

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