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Word of the Week - Injustice

Word of the Week - Injustice


... a discretionary ruling under the Civil Procedure Rules [N.S. Civ. Pro. Rules], including one that terminates a proceeding, is reviewable if it results in a patent injustice, even without an associated error of law. Would the chambers judge's denial of [the plaintiff's] request to further amend his claim result in a patent injustice?
... Yes.
“Injustice” has a flexible meaning for which guidance may be deduced from the Rules. Rule 1.01 describes the “Object of these Rules” as: 
These Rules are for the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every proceeding.
The Rules offer litigants the opportunity to shepherd a claim, that is sustainable on its face, toward a proper resolution by settlement or trial. That is a “just determination”. The denial of the amendment withdrew that opportunity from [the plaintiff].

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