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Word of the Week | Sexting

Word of the Week | Sexting


British Columbia

The three young offenders have pled guilty to single counts of criminal harassment. The unusual aspect of this case is it involves “sexting” which I am advised involves persons taking intimate pictures of themselves and then distributing them to others. In this case the pictures were taken by young persons and distributed to young persons. [...] The youths traded these photos with others; Crown counsel described this practice to be similar to the trading of hockey cards. [...] This practice of providing naked photos of oneself to others has apparently become a common practice amongst young persons.

(R. v. B. (S.) (2014), 2014 CarswellBC 3599, 2014 BCPC 279, [2014] B.C.J. No. 2990 (B.C. Prov. Ct.) at paras. 1, 6-7 Dickey Prov. J.)
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