WestlawNext Canada Customer Newsletter February 2019

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Increased Pay-Per-View Usage Rates for WestlawNext® Canada

Chapter View & Search TOC Enhancements
Increased Tribunal Coverage

Additional Texts and Annotations enhancements – Chapter View link and Search TOC button


Increased Pay-Per-View Usage Rates for WestlawNext® Canada

Domestic and International Content on WestlawNext Canada: Pay-Per-View rates and suggested chargeback values* for content on WestlawNext Canada have increased as of January 1, 2019 to reflect increases in editorial costs and enhancements in 2018. For Domestic content, Pay-Per-View rates and suggested chargeback values have increased by approximately 5-10%. For International content, these values have increased by approximately 25%. The new figures are posted here. [link to https://www.westlawnextcanada.com/dynamicdata/attacheddocs/pricing.pdf]

*Suggested chargeback values are applied to usage within your subscription plan and are suggested amounts that you may choose to discount should you wish to charge your research back to clients. These values are assigned to content types which are included in your subscription and are never billed or invoiced.

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Chapter View & Search TOC Enhancements

New enhancements to WestlawNext Canada Texts and Annotations allow you to use the Table of Contents even more efficiently to find the information that you need. You are now able to exclusively view the content of a selected chapter by using the new Chapter View link. Dynamically displayed when expanding a parent node, the link allows you to drill down deeper in the selected chapter, to open up its documents or to add it to Favourites for easier access in the future.

Chapter View

The new Search TOC button displayed on the publication page highlights the chapters that contain the searched term in the chapter title, allowing you to quickly see related chapters and narrow down your research.

Search TOC

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Increased Tribunal Coverage

As part of our commitment to continuously enhance our content for an improved customer experience, WestlawNext Canada added the following tribunals in 2018:

Increased Tribunal Coverage

To access these decisions directly, simply enter the name of the board into the “Court Name” field in the Cases and Decisions search template.

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Search for terms as defined in judicial interpretations and Canadian legislation simultaneously

Did you know the Defined Terms (Cases and Legislation) finding tool allows users to search for terms as defined in judicial interpretations and Canadian legislation simultaneously? This tool is found under the Finding Tools section of the WestlawNext Canada home page. Simply enter a term in the Defined Terms template (available from the WestlawNext Canada homepage) and search results will include cases and decisions, statutes, regulations, rules and Words & Phrases entries containing the term. A Words & Phrases search will provide researchers with solely judicial interpretations.

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