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Year in Review 2018

Practical Law Canada Resource Suggestions on WestlawNext Canada
UK Common Law Library
Flags and Links: Mismatched Title Flag
Law Report Name Change

Additional Texts and Annotations enhancements – Chapter View link and Search TOC button

Canadian Business Law Journal (CBLJ)


Year in Review

The following is an overview of some of the many enhancements that were added to WestlawNext Canada in 2018. These enhancements were implemented in large measure as a response to your comments and suggestions for improvements. Thank you for your feedback. You have helped us to make WestlawNext Canada a better service.


Deeper Content

Enhanced Functionality

Improved Research

Expanded Tribunal Coverage for

·          WLNC continues to significantly increase the comprehensiveness of its Tribunal collection


Enhancements to Type Ahead/Auto Suggestions for Case Law

·          Now available on all WestlawNext Canada pages

·          Significantly improved flexibility

Legislative Watch

·          Legislative Watch is a new addition to LawSource on WestlawNext Canada that allows customers to track a bill from parliament and all provincial and territorial legislatures

·          Researchers can track individual bills or track bills relating to specific statutes

LawSource Case Notes Newsletter

·          Available with a LawSource subscription, LawSource Case Notes provides readers with summaries of select new Supreme Court of Canada cases, significant or interesting decisions from the Federal courts (trial, appeal and tax), as well as cases from across the country


Live Chat

·          Get expert guidance in the middle of your session

Related Proceedings

·          Features relationships to cases that are not part of the direct appellate history, such as applications and interlocutory motions

·          A new Related Proceedings link is found in the KeyCite Canada display

Criminal Reissue

·          A completely revised Canadian Abridgment Criminal Law classification scheme is now available on WestlawNext Canada

·          Last revised in 2007, the Criminal Law classification scheme was fully reviewed in order to better reflect the way our users research Criminal law


Litigator Enhancements

·          You can now browse Legal Topics and access enhanced Texts and Annotations when browsing on Litigator

WestlawNext Canada Cross-Product Integration

·          WestlawNext Canada, ProView and Practical Law are now integrated in three key ways to enable users to:

1) search,

2) browse, and

3) note-up cases more efficiently.

·          WestlawNext Canada is now a one-stop entry point for primary law, 300+ ProView eLooseleaf titles and Practical Law legal “know how” solutions, increasing users’ awareness and access to legal content.

Annual Review of Insolvency

·          Many new topics for 2017 including: Statutory Trusts in Favour of Occupational Pension Plans, Boom in Debt Consulting, Use of Summary Trials in Restructuring Proceedings, Litigation Trusts in CCAA Proceedings, Application of Canadian Insolvency Law on Lands Reserved for First Nations and more

Deliver Cases with a Simpler Format

·          Deliver only the full text of a case with no headers, footers or any other value-added material

CED Update

·          The C.E.D. title Criminal Law – Offences has been thoroughly reviewed and updated by Professor David B. Deutscher, B.A. L.L.B. L.L.M., Senior Scholar, Faculty of Law University of Manitoba.

Mack’s Jury Charge Review

·          New add-on subscription on CriminalSource

Drafting Assistant

·          The new Red M “Mismatched Title” flag indicates when there is a

discrepancy between the title of the case in your document and the corresponding title for the citation on WestlawNext Canada

·          The TOA builder tool is significantly enhanced to allow users a greater ability to craft and edit their TOA

McGill Guide – 9th Edition

·          The 9th Edition expands on the approaches to citation set out in previous editions, and includes an enhanced focus on citing online resources

·          The new edition also elaborates on citation of various parliamentary papers, including debates, order papers, sessional papers, and reports, and expands the coverage on how to cite international materials including regulations, directives and decisions of the European Union, as well as Talmudic Law

·          SecuritiesSource Newsletter New Editor

A-Z Navigation for Texts & Annotations Page

·          The bar appears above the list of titles. Now searching for the texts you need just got more convenient and efficient than ever




More Enhanced Texts and Annotations Titles in:

·          CriminalSource

·          Estates&TrustsSource

·          FamilySource

·          InsolvencySource


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Practical Law Canada Resource Suggestions on WestlawNext Canada

Now, locating specific Practical Law Canada resources on WestlawNext Canada couldn’t be easier. As you begin typing in the Global Search Box, Practical Law Canada resource suggestions will appear in the dropdown below.

Practical Law Canada Resource Suggestions on WestlawNext Canada

Find out more about PL Autosuggest on WestlawNext Canada.

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UK Common Law Library

We’ve revolutionized the way you find, navigate, and access UK commentary on WestlawNext Canada’s international platform. With some of the biggest names in law, including Chitty, Clerk & Lindsell, McGregor, and Phipson, the titles in the new online Common Law Library provide the last word on any common law question, clarify complex legal issues, and help you resolve disputes. Our new International Resources tab is now available on WestlawNext Canada.


UK Common Law Library

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Flags and Links: Mismatched Title Flag

A new feature will be added to the Drafting Assistant – Flags & Links function. The new Red M “Mismatched Title” flag indicates when there is a discrepancy between the title of the case in your document and the corresponding title for the citation on WestlawNext Canada.
This new flag will let you know there is potentially an error in either the name you have assigned to the case in your document, or the citation provided.

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Law Report name change

To reflect the Ontario Municipal Board’s (OMB) transition to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT), WestlawNext Canada’s BestCase Library will be renaming the Ontario Municipal Board Reports (O.M.B.R.) as the Ontario Municipal Tribunal Reports (O.M.T.R.) in January 2019. The renamed Ontario Municipal Tribunal Reports database will include both existing O.M.B.R. cases and O.M.T.R. cases. The new board name will be reflected in O.M.T.R. case citations: e.g. 22 O.M.T.R. (2d) 111. Existing content from the Ontario Municipal Board court will not be changed and will retain the original board name and citation style.

Ontario Municipal Tribunal Reports (O.M.T.R.)

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Additional Texts and Annotations enhancements – Chapter View link and Search TOC button

New enhancements to WestlawNext Canada Texts and Annotations will allow you use the Table of Contents even more efficiently to find the information that you need. You will be able to exclusively view the content of a selected chapter by using the new Chapter View link. Dynamically displayed when expanding a parent node, the link will allow you to drill down deeper in the selected chapter, to open up its documents or to add it to Favourites for easier access in the future. The new Search TOC button displayed on the publication page will highlight the chapters that contain the searched term, allowing you to quickly see related chapters and narrow down your research.

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Canadian Business Law Journal (CBLJ)

Canadian Business Law Journal (CBLJ) is Canada’s leading forum for the exchange of ideas between academics and practitioners working in the commercial law field. This prominent Journal is available on WestlawNext Canada under the Articles and Newsletters category, the Law Reviews & Journals section.

Canadian Business Law Journal (CBLJ)

It can also be accessed on Business Law Centre or from My Subscriptions on WestlawNext Canada Home Page.

Business Law Centre

My Subscriptions

Each CBLJ issue includes both commentary on current legislative and case law developments as well as in-depth analysis of major issues in the corporate, commercial and international arenas. Full coverage begins from 1976 (vol. 1).

Canadian Business Law Journal Editor-in-Chief is Professor Anthony Duggan, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., LL.D., who holds the Hon. Frank H. Iacobucci Chair in the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto. Professor Duggan teaches secured transactions, bankruptcy law and trusts. He has published widely in these areas and in the areas of contract law, consumer credit and consumer protection.

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