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CALL/ACBD conference

Integration of additional indices for Texts & Annotations on WestlawNext Canada
New content launching on WestlawNext Canada: Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies

Common Queries

Expert Witness Directory



CALL/ACBD conference

Thomson Reuters was again a proud sponsor of the annual CALL/ACBD conference this year. It was a pleasure spending time listening to our customers and sharing the latest news about Thomson Reuters and our services.

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Integration of additional indices for Texts & Annotations on WestlawNext Canada

Many customers have requested the integration of additional indices for Texts & Annotations on WestlawNext Canada. Indices are important research tools and allow for simple navigation throughout each title.

We are pleased to announce that we have increased the number of Indices available for our Texts & Annotations collection, and they will be added to WestlawNext Canada over the next month. Additionally, they will be conveniently found in the Table of Contents for each applicable title. Accessing the indices from the Table of Contents will provide a more intuitive, efficient research experience. It will be a marked improvement to accessing them from the separate link under Finding Tools on the Homepage (and therefore, we will remove those links as well).

You also have the option to easily download, print or email any index. A full list of titles that will have Indices is provided below.

1. Alberta - Estate Administration Index
2. Alberta Rules of Court Annotated Index
3. Annotated Patent Act Index
4. Art and Science of Advocacy Index
5. Atlantic Canada - Estate Administration Index
6. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law of Canada, 4th Edition Index
7. British Columbia – Estate Administration Index
8. British Columbia Supreme Court Rules Annotated Index
9. Canadian Copyright Act Annotated Index
10. Canadian Criminal Procedure, 6th Edition Index
11. Canadian Divorce Law and Practice, 2nd Edition Index
12. Canadian Employment Law Index
13. Canadian Health and Safety Law Index
14. Canadian Labour Arbitration, 5th Edition Index
15. Canadian Labour Law, 2nd Edition Index
16. Canadian Trade-marks Act Annotated Index
17. Child Custody Law and Practice Index
18. Child Protection Law in Canada, 2nd Edition Index
19. Child Support Guidelines: Law and Practice, 2nd Edition Index
20. Collective Agreement Handbook Index
21. Collective Bargaining and Agreement Index
22. Cournoyer, Code criminel annoté Index
23. Crankshaw's Criminal Code of Canada Index
24. Criminal Pleadings & Practice in Canada, 2nd Edition Index
25. Disclosure and Production in Criminal Cases Index
26. Domestic Contracts, 2nd Edition Index
27. Drug Offences in Canada, 4th Edition Index
28. Electronic Documents Index
29. Electronic Evidence in Canada Index
30. Employee Obligations in Canada Index
31. Enforcement of Family Law Orders and Agreements Index
32. Estate Litigation, 2nd Edition Index
33. Estate Planning Handbook Index
34. Estate Planning Precedents Index
35. Faillite et insolvabilite Index
36. Federal Courts Practice Index
37. Finlay, Cromwell and Iatrou, Witness Preparation: A Practical Guide Index
38. Fox on Canadian Law of Copyright and Industrial Designs, 4th Edition Index
39. Fox on Canadian Law of Trade-marks and Unfair Competition, 4th Edition Index
40. Holmested and Watson: Ontario Civil Procedure Index
41. Illness and Disability in the Workplace Index
42. Intellectual Property Disputes Index
43. Law and Practice Under the Family Law Act of Ontario, Revised Edition Index
44. Law of Dismissal in Canada, 3rd Edition Index
45. Life Sciences Law in Canada Index
46. Manitoba – Estate Administration Index
47. Manitoba Queen's Bench Rules Annotated Index
48. Martin's Legislation Topical Index
49. Matrimonial Property Law in Canada Index
50. McWilliams' Canadian Criminal Evidence, 5th Edition Index
51. Nova Scotia Annotated Rules of Practice Index
52. Odutola on Canadian Trade-mark Practice Index
53. Ontario – Estate Administration Index
54. Ontario Small Claims Court Practice Index
55. Saskatchewan – Estate Administration Index
56. Secured Transactions in Personal Property in Canada, 3rd Edition Index
57. Securities Law & Practice, 3rd Edition Index
58. Sentencing: The Practitioner's Guide Index
59. Sookman: Computer, Internet and Electronic Commerce Law Index
60. Supreme Court of Canada Practice Index
61. Technology Contracting: Law, Precedents and Commentary Index
62. Tremeear's Annotations Index
63. Watson and McGowan, Ontario Civil Practice Index
64. Watt's Manual of Criminal Evidence Index
65. Widdifield on Executors and Trustees, 6th Edition Index
66. Willis & Winkler on Labour Arbitration: The Year in Review Indices
67. Willis & Winkler on Leading Labour Cases Indices
68. Willis and Winkler on Leading Labour Cases Indices
69. Witnesses Index
70. Youth Criminal Justice Act Manual Index

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New content launching on WestlawNext Canada: Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies

We are pleased to announce the addition of some exciting new content launching soon on WestlawNext Canada: Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies, a new collection of more than 80 custom-written articles written exclusively for Thomson Reuters by Ted Tjaden, a highly respected Canadian research and knowledge management lawyer. The articles uniquely pull together all critical information for the litigator around specific tort and contractual causes of action as well as articles which focus specifically on the requirements for preparing particular pleadings including statements of claim, statements of defence, third party claims, replies and facta.

Each article provides:
• Concise overview of the cause of action, defence or remedy (including definitions, key elements, leading cases, relevant legislation/rules, concordances, burden of proof, available remedies, practice tips)
• Model Pleadings and Facta
• Practice Checklists
• Sample Examination Questions
• Research References (bibliographies)

Having all this information pulled together in one extensive article ensures the litigator will have to hand all critical information necessary to draft pleadings, plan discoveries and plan for trial in an action based on one of the causes of action - all in a neatly organized, thorough, classified and expertly-analyzed package. Causes of Action, Defences and Remedies will be an invaluable resource for the novice and experienced litigator alike.

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Common Queries

WestlawNext Canada will soon be showcasing a brand-new addition to its leading-edge suite of search features.

As you begin typing your query into the search bar (e.g. definition of arrest), relevant questions will be suggested under the heading “Common Queries” in the Type Ahead dropdown menu. With one simple click, you will be able to select a suggested question to find authoritative case quotes that are highly responsive to that question. From the list of quotes, you will be able to link directly to the quote to see it in wider context within the case.

This new enhancement will provide a quick and easy start to your research.

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Expert Witness Directory

Did you know that WestlawNext Canada’s Litigator can help you find the witness you need to make your case? The Expert Witness Directory in Litigator provides profiles of experts from across Canada and the United States for a broad range of medical, technical, scientific, business, and family law issues. Simply select the “Canada/US Expert Witness Directory” under Legal Directories on Litigator’s home page and search for an expert by area of expertise or jurisdiction, among other search parameters:

Expert Witness Directory

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