Legislative Watch,  now in LawSource

Track Pending Legislation with Legislative Watch, NEW to LawSource


With Legislative Watch alerts, you get a sense of what’s coming and what’s changed, keeping you up to date and informed on a particular bill.

New Legislative Watch in LawSource allows you to track individual bills or bills relating to specifi

Legislative Watch is a new add-on subscription to LawSource that allows you to track individual bills or bills relating to specific statutes for deeper, more efficient research.

No matter how much you know about a legal issue, minimize the possibility of surprises by ensuring that your knowledge of a particular bill is up to date. Search results populate quickly and are integrated with WestlawNext Canada for a simplified research process.

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Key Features

Complete work more efficiently with how-to guidance at every stage of a personal injury matter.

Progress of Bills

Access a summary of a bill and its status, link to the full text, and see statutes affected.

Be prepared for every step with Practice Notes, Standard Documents, Checklists and Toolkits.

Statute Monitor

Set up alerts to stay informed of changes to any active bill that impacts a particular statute.

Draft with confidence using annotated Standard Documents that reflect current law and practice.

Active Bills List

Quickly see a list of all bills that are not fully in force.

Determine calculations on the spot with Merkur’s Ontario Personal Injury Damages Calculator.

WestlawNext Canada Integration

Efficiently perform complete, end-to-end research in one place.

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