Histrop's Build-a-Will

Draft custom Wills in minutes using precedent clauses from Histrop’s Estate Planning Precedents. Improve your efficiency and be confident that you've created high-quality, client-ready wills.

Save time and simplify the will drafting process

With Build-a Will, you'll never waste time creating similar wills separately. Easily create Mirror Wills by selecting both wife and husband Wills or both same-sex/domestic partner Wills.

Create customized Will templates for your firm in minutes

Enhance your drafting efficiency and accuracy by using Template Manager to create and keep track of your own will templates.

Share up-to-date client Wills with colleagues

Matter and Client Manager allows you to maintain the most current version (and multiple versions) of a client's Will in one place accessible by everyone. You'll collaborate with confidence knowing you never have to worry about working with inaccurate data or old notes in paper files.

Create Strong Arguments