Legal Wit — Breaking Bad Parents

Legal Wit — Breaking Bad Parents

Breaking Bad
, meet Breaking Bad Parents.

The former is an acclaimed fictional TV show whose title needed a bit of explaining: "BREAKING BAD: A southern U.S. expression for when a good person suddenly loses their moral compass and starts doing bad things".
The latter is a sad reality show playing out in family courts across the country. "BREAKING BAD PARENTS: When smart, loving, caring, sensible mothers and fathers suddenly lose their parental judgment and embark on relentless, nasty litigation; oblivious to the impact on their children".

SPOILER ALERT: The main characters in both of these tragedies end up pretty much the same: Miserable. Financially ruined. And worst of all, hurting the children they claimed they were protecting.

To prolong the tortured metaphor only slightly, the "urgent" motion before me might be regarded as this family's pilot episode. Will these parents sign up for the permanent cast of Breaking Bad Parents? Will they become regulars in our family court building, recognizable by face and disposition? Or will they come to their senses; salvage their lives, dignity (and finances); and give their children the truly priceless gifts of maturity and permission to love?

Stay tuned.

Coe v. Tope |
2014 CarswellOnt 9158 |
Ontario Superior Court of Justice
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