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Research Tip — New Criminal Cross References Added to Abridgment Key

Research Tip: New Criminal cross references in the Abridgment Key and research guide

Browsing the Canadian Abridgment Case Digests can be a very efficient way to find cases dealing with specific criminal offences.  However, over the years since the Criminal Law title was last reissued in print, the Canadian Parliament has enacted a number of changes to the Criminal Code. Included in these changes have been a number of new offences. As the offences portion of the Criminal Law title is organised by offence, there are no classifications for these new offences, which makes locating case law dealing with those offences more difficult.

To help researchers, a number of cross references dealing with these new offences have been added to the Abridgment Key and Research Guide, allowing users to find them more easily.

The new offences and the Key cross references are as follows:

  • Firearms, Discharge with intent: see Criminal law VI.17.b :  Offences — Causing bodily harm and endangering person — Causing bodily harm with intent
  • Sexual assault by multiple people : see Criminal law VI.133.b : Offences — Sexual assault — General offence
  •  Electrical power, theft of : see Criminal law VI.144.j : Offences — Theft and related offences — Theft
  • Street racing, causing death or bodily harm : see Criminal law VI.31, VI.32 : Offences — Criminal negligence in operation of motor vehicle causing death
  • Weapon, unauthorized possession of restricted or prohibited : see Criminal law VI.50.w.i : Offences — Firearms and other weapons — Possession offences — Possessing firearm having altered serial number


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